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There are many students and employees living alone who dont have time to cook their own meals. Also, the pursuit of convenient and time saving cooking methods has taken center stage for Indians. There exists a need of an app which connects tiffin service providers and customers.

Project Context

Personal Project,

Team of 2.

My Role

Research, UI/UX design, Visual Design, Strategy design


3 month

Problem Statement

Current tiffin providers don’t have a platform to connect with potential customers & advertise their services, so there persists a need to connect tiffin service providers directly with their customers and provide a seamless service.

Desktop Research

We did our secondary research by reviewing several newspaper articles and research papers about tiffin services to understand the extent of this problem.

  • 48% Indians opt to order-in, say it's more economical than hiring a cook at home.

  • According to the latest research 44% Indians, use ready meals as it was quicker than preparing food from scratch. In fact, 39 out of 100 people (39%) use ready meals as an emergency meal solution.

  • The tiffin sector has a 2.5 lakh daily demand and there are only seven to eight organized players and over 90 percent unorganized players.

Opting for tiffin services - Reviews

After reading the articles, we started reading reviews of different tiffin services tto understand the target audience and their need.

User Survey

We conducted a survey with 35 participants of various age groups to get to know the existing probles in a tiffin service. Below are the results:

User Interviews

We interviewed 4 people out of which 2 were students and 1 was an employee and 1 was a tiffin service provider. From talking to these people we understood their needs and pain points. Below aresome of the questions and their responses.

Business Goals
  • Ease of use.

  • Connecting users and service providers.

  • Providing homely food at affordable prices

The findings of the pain points through research and insights through our user survey and inerviews are as follows:

Pain Points
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User Insights
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Competitive Analysis

By doing a market research we analyzed our potential competitors. On those lines we did a competitive analysis and got an idea of which features really work and which don t. By knowing these we can become aware of opportunities to grow & surpass our rivals.

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Our Users

After conducting user research and interviews, we got a basic understanding of our potential users and thus framed our personas. Working professionals, students, bachelors, elderly and anyone who depends on tiffins for their daily meals.

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Empathy Mapping

We used the empathy mapping method to get a better understanding of our users decisions and behaviours.

User Journey

To understand the user's flow of ordering a tiffin service, we made a user journey map.


Using the research insights, we brainstormed on different features to include in our app

Information Architecture

Considering all the features to add in our app, we made the information architecture to make the flow clear.


Considering all the features to add in our app, we made the information architecture to make the flow clear.

Style Guide

We created a design system for our app to make the process of creating high fi screens easy.

Main Screens

Some main user flows in high - fi mockups.


Animations of the prototype of some main flows in our app. To use our interactive prototype click this link! LINK