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This was a 1 month project, done during my internship at Drozee. I designed the interface of Iscan which is a document scanner and converter. Iscan is an app that scans documents with ease and also provides a smooth experience to convert your document in the desired format.

Project Context

Internship Project

My Role

Research, UI/UX design, Visual Design


1 month


The objective of this app is to provide a good user experience in scanning and converting documents and also make managing documents easy.

Mind Map

First I brainstormed all the differnt features to be added in the app.

Competitor analysis

After brainstorming different features, I analysed the flow and design of similar apps such as Adobe scan, Kagaz, and Cam Scanner to understand the problems and to know the opportunities to fill the gap.

Pain Points

After using different camera scanner apps, i came across various pain points.

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After understanding the pain points, I defined the target users and made a persona since our application is user-oriented.

User - Flow

In order to design the best experience, I looked at the possible paths the user might take during their journey and created the user flow.


Based on the research conducted at the UX stage, I started developing wireframes. It was important to conveniently arrange the elements on the screens and provide an intuitive structure of the application.